MidnightSky v4.6 Patch Notes

MidnightSky v4.6 Patch Notes


Midnight Sky v4.6 [Patch Notes]

MidnightSky Update Log

◎ $100 Bundle + Lootbox: Pandora's Box ◎

◎ CF Stats ◎

◎ Iron Adventure Unlocked ◎

◎ QoL/Changes ◎

Lootbox: Extension + 50% Sale

We are doing a whopping 50% sale on our store, you can get loot boxes, trails, and much more at (https://midnightsky.net)! (Will be available upon release)

CF Stats

Introduction to Coinflip Stats:

  • Run /cf stats to view your current coinflip statistics
  • This will display wins, losses, and your win rate.

Ancient Savannah Unlocked!

Players can now unlock the ancient savannah adventure! Apply a map, and run /adventure.

Bugs/QoL/Misc Changes

  • BAH will not have a plethora of more loot
    • Rank V
    • Plague Mask
    • Boss Key/Fragments
    • Boss Gems
    • Slots
    • etc
  • Fixed an issue where players could access a chat that was not intentional
  • Improved the ability for non-members to slay island mobs without permission
  • KOTH will now combat tag the player (And give a proper 80% mend reduction)
  • Fixed an issue where players could not see /a invite notifications
  • Fixed island point notes not cooperating and expiring too soon
  • Fixed spawners not stacking with others spawners (/craft)
  • Fixed sporadic bug with island loading

Posted on August 26, 2023 by Skulzers