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MidnightSky Ascent [v4] Patch Notes


Staff member
Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Update Log
Another day another update!

55% Sale + $100 Bundle
Alliance Upgrades
Alliance Tax
New PvP Additions/Changes
New Gem
Adventure Selection
Chaotic Changes
Power Dampener
Forsaken Underworld Global Unlock

55% Sale! + $100 Bundle
We are doing a whopping 55% sale on our store, you can get loot boxes, trails, and much more at (https://midnightsky.net)!

Alliance Upgrades
Introduction to Alliance Upgrades:

  • Alliance Upgrades are a way for alliances to purchase upgrades.
  • You can access your alliance upgrades via /a upgrades and purchase items by putting money into /a bank
  • Alliance Upgrades will last for 24 hours
  • You can have alliance upgrades auto-renew by putting money into alliance upgrades and turning the "auto-renew" option ON.
  • Alliance upgrades will vary on the amount of players in the alliance. If the base is $10,000,000, and you have 5 members. It'll cost $50,000,000 from the bank
  • You must be in the alliance for 24 hours for the perks to be applied to your player
Types & Cost of Alliance Upgrades
  • Boss Buster
    • LEVEL 1 | +1% | $2,500,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 2 | +2.5% Chance to find 1-2 more boss/mini-boss items | $10,000,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 3 | +5% Chance to find 1-2 more boss/mini-boss items | $25,000,000 (per person)
  • KOTH Knockout
    • LEVEL 1 | Deal +5% DMG in KOTH | $10,000,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 2 | Deal +15% DMG in KOTH | $50,000,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 3 | Deal +25% DMG in KOTH | $100,000,000 (per person)
  • Adventurous Adventurer
    • LEVEL 1 | 2.5% chance to get 2x adventure XP | $5,000,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 2 | 5.0% chance to get 2x adventure XP | $35,000,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 3 | 10.0% chance to get 2x adventure XP | $65,000,000 (per person)
  • Eloquent Experience
    • LEVEL 1 | +2.5% Island XP | $7,500,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 2 | +5% Island XP (Manual Only) | $20,000,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 3 | +10% 2x Island XP (Manual Only) | $55,000,000 (per person)
  • Lavish Luck
    • LEVEL 1 | Gain +10 Item Luck | $5,000,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 2 | Gain +20 Item Luck | $25,000,000 (per person)
    • LEVEL 3 | Gain +30 Item Luck | $65,000,000 (per person)

Alliance Tax
Introduction to Alliance Tax:

  • We've decided to a way for alliance leaders & alliance admins to tax their members to help progress the alliance/island.
  • You can tax your members based on their /sell hand and their adventure mob cash
  • You can access these settings if you're an Admin+.
  • You can have a maximum of 35% tax to prevent extreme tax.

PvP Additions/Changes
Ender Pearls:

  • Ender Pearls are items that you can throw to teleport you to the Ender pearl's location
  • We've made ender pearls require more "precision". You cannot teleport into a wall, you must teleport on a flat area. This is to prevent players from getting into places where they shouldn't be.
  • Ender Pearls will have a 30-second cooldown.
  • You can only use pearls in Adventures, KOTH, and LMS. (Boss Arenas will disable pearls)
  • You can obtain pearls from Epic & Legendary Chests.
Speed Potions:
  • Speed potions will now be added to chests
  • There will only be 3-minute duration speed potions
Speed Engram Buff:
  • 3 Star Speed Engrams will now be buffed from 2.5% --> 5% per piece
Cursed Wings Changes:
  • Cursed Wing's speed will be buffed from 2.5% --> 7%
  • Cursed Wing's damage reduction will be nerfed from 15% --> 6.5%
Chaotic Timer & TP out Timer Changes:
  • Nerfed Chaotic Combat Tag from 60s --> 20s
  • Buffed Chaotic TP out time from 20s --> 30s

New Gem
Introduction to Blood Transfusion:

  • Blood transfusion will remove injury stacks from a player every few seconds.
  • This enchant is an UNCOMMON
  • This enchant is only applicable to AXES
  • This enchant has a max level of 2 (II)

Adventure Selection
Introduction to Adventure Selection

  • You can now choose the specific adventure you'd like to join by running /adventure, shift-clicking the adventure type, and choosing the adventure server.
  • You can now adventure with your friends without the worry of joining a different server!

Chaotic Changes
Introduction to Chaotic Changes:

  • Chaotic Armor Buff is reduced from 15% --> 2.5% per stat increase.
  • Chaotic Adventures will now have a much higher chance of obtaining higher-tiered chests (mythic/leg/epic).
  • Chaotic Mobs will now have +2 AP in comparison to a lawful mob. (If a lawful mob has 3 AP, it'll be 5 AP in chaotic)
  • [NOTE: The AP will not be displayed on the mob nametags in chaotic]
Power Dampener
Intro to Power Dampener:

  • Power Dampeners are a block that can be placed on an island to decrease all the bot's interval times in a chunk by 1%
  • You can have a limit of 10 blocks per ISLAND (Expansions will NOT have this)
  • You can obtain power dampeners from Legendary Chests

Forsaken Underworld Global Unlock
Global Unlock:

  • The Forsaken Underworld global unlock will let all players have access to the Forsaken Underworld!
  • Additionally, all players will also have access to Ancient Savannah!
Bugs/QoL/Misc Changes
  • Sugar can now be craftable in crafting bots
  • Gold and Diamonds had their /shop price fixed
  • Added Portal Shards into all crops/slayer mobs/nodes
  • Added a miniboss toggle (to disable getting minibosses at lvl 65+)
  • Added a toggle for adventure mob cash notifications appearing in chat.
  • Made Battle Pigs, Chaos Cows, and Demonic Sheep have a 2-minute duration at level 5
  • Added a hologram toggle for islands (to help with FPS issues)
  • Fixed abyssal wrath not targeting players correctly
  • Fixed witch hat working in PvP
  • Removed Scoped Enchant
  • Fixed an issue where /roll displayed incorrect text
  • You will now have an auditorial aid letting you know you've landed a critical hit
  • Bosses will now re-target players every 5 seconds to prevent exploitation
  • Fixed an issue with Abyssal Wrath
  • If an expansion portal is broken, it will de-activate
  • Fixed a bug with spawners being limited per world rather than per island.
  • Updated /bah to diamond
  • Updated flash sale items
  • Added more items to /slot shop
  • Nerfed /gem purity amplification from MAX 80% --> MAX 70% per stat.