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Patch Notes [v1.5] MidnightSky: Stabilize


Staff member
Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Change Log
Elite Mask Changes
Encampment Information
/top Additions
Farming Increasers
Island Upgrade Addition

NOTE: These changes were done in UNDER 23 hours.

Elite Mask

Some slight changes to make these masks a bit more interesting

  • The old recipe used to be 8 fluxes, 1 core. We've now changed this to require 7 Fluxes, 1 Core, and 1 Adventure Mask

Encampment Information
We just wanted to clarify encampments

  • Encampments are SOLO ONLY. You cannot be helped in an encampment fight.
  • Encampments will now auto-agro on the player who placed the encampment key
  • Encampment mobs will now have adventure levels to encourage leveling up
    • Tier 1: Level 55
    • Tier 2: Level 80
    • Tier 3: Level 95

/top Additions
New Captchas!
  • Fastest Captcha Captcha Completion (Aim Check & Word Check)
  • Fastest Maze Completion (Deadzone)
  • Most Gems Failed
  • Most Deaths

Farming Increasers
Have you wanted to farm more? Fear not!

Farming Increasers:
  • You can right-click farming increases on your island to increase the quota so you can farm more!
  • You can obtain these via adventure!

New Island Upgrade
New island upgrade!

New Upgrade:
  • Increased Spawning Rate:
    • I: $500,000, Mobs spawn 5% Faster
    • II: $2,500,000, Mobs spawn 10% Faster
    • III: $5,000,000, Mobs spawn 15% Faster
    • IV: $1,000,000, Mobs spawn 20% Faster
    • V: $10,000,000, Mobs spawn 25% Faster

  • All sets now have 25/25/25/25 set disparity. Chest plates will no longer be the most dominant in stats
  • reduced the island XP level thresholds from 1-20
  • Increased the island XP level thresholds for certain island levels.
  • Missions with power generator items are as follows:
    • Farming: Batteries
    • Mining: Belts
    • Slaying: Gear
    • Fishing: Crankshaft