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Patch Notes [v2] MidnightSky: APEX


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Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Update Log
Lootbox: Ethereal + 55% Sale + Gift Card Bundle
24 Hour Booster Activated!
Island Mission Changes
Suppressed Adventure Masks
Free Ancient Savannah Entry
Adventure Warps
New Skin
Chao Buff
QoL/Bug Patches/Changes

Lootbox: Ethereal + 55% Sale + Gift Card Bundle
We will do a 55% sale! This sale will end on Tuesday, Feb 13th, at midnight CST.


24-Hour Booster Activated
we know you guys were craving a booster!

Boost Effects:
  • 3x Island XP
  • +25% Miniboss Spawn Rate
  • 2x AP
These effects will last 24 hours starting at noon CST.

Island Mission Changes
Island missions are getting some slight changes.

Island Mission Changes:
  • Island Mission times have changed from 5 mins --> 2 mins.
  • Island Missions now give island shards at an even higher rate.
  • Island Mission Requirements have been nerfed to accommodate for lower times
  • Island Missions have had their price lowered to accommodate for the lowered times
Suppressed Adventure Masks
Did you ever want an adventure mask earlier? Do not fear!

Suppressed Adv Masks:
  • Suppressed Adventure Masks are a lower tier of adventure mask (such as bandit masks, plague, etc)
  • This is meant for players who'd like the buffs of more AP and more damage but at an earlier stage of the game
  • You can craft these masks by using their suppressed shards
  • You can obtain suppressed adventure mask shards from adventure chests (Elite/Epic).
Free Ancient Savannah Entry
Players can enter the ancient savannah for free!
Adventure Warps
You guys know how massive these adventures are, so we've decided to add a warp system!

Adventure Warps:
  • Adventure Warp can be accessed by selecting the adventure, and shift-clicking a specific adventure type (i.e adv2-1)
  • You will be presented with a GUI of places you can teleport to, but we charge a fee to teleport.
New Skin
A luh calm skin. You know how it is

Essence Hoarder:
  • Amulet Skin
  • Gain +35% more essence
Chaotic Buff
Chaotic is getting buffed!
  • Chaotic armor and weapons will now have their stats buffed from 2.5% --> 7.5%
  • Chaotic adventure will now have a higher chance of getting better tier chests

QoL/Bug Patches/Changes
  • AP 6 Armor Drops will be available 24 hours after the adventure is out.
  • Scoreboards and Nametags have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue with collection chest wiping after being broken
  • Fixed an issue with iron golems and their attack speed
  • Fixed an issue with the "Purchase an item in /realm shop" challenge
  • Boss Portals will now be locked to the player who spawned it, and their alliance
  • Chaotic adventures will now have -1 kill per chest as intended
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