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Patch Notes [v3] MidnightSky: Stabilize


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Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Change Log
Lootbox: Celestial + 55% Sale + $100 Gift Card Bundle
Ancient Savannah
24 Hour 2x Island XP Boost
Island Power Buff + XP Threshold Nerf
/adv skill Addition
Staff + QA Applications
QoL / Changes / Patches

Lootbox: Celestial + 55% Sale + $100 Gift Card Bundle
We will be doing a 55% sale! This sale will start on May 24th at 12:00 PM CST and end on Wednesday, May 29th, at 12:00 PM CST.

Ancient Savannah
Ancient Savannah is now going to be unlocked! Craft those maps up, and get grinding!

Ancient Savannah:
  • Ancient Savannah will be available at 12:00 PM CST May 24th

24-Hour 2x Island XP Boost
You can now catch up! We're giving everyone 2x island XP, level up as much as you can!

Island Booster:
  • The 2x Island Booster will be active for 24 hours at 12:00 PM CST, May 24th.

Island Power Buff + XP Threshold Nerf
We read a lot of your suggestions. Here are the changes we're making!

Changes to Islands:
  • Increased the power given during the early stages of the island
  • Decreased the XP Threshold in the early stages of the island

/adv skill Addition
I have a feeling you will like this!

New Adventure Skill:
  • Essence Efficiency
    • Description: Gain more essence per adventure mob kill
    • Group: Leveler

Staff + QA Applications
We are on the hunt for more QA and Staff members who'd like to join us on our journey! Feel free to apply below:

Staff Team:

QA Team:

QoL / Changes / Patches
  • Beetroot Free Recipe Requirement has dropped from 4.5m Torchflower --> 2.5m Torchflower
  • Fix torch flowers not breaking unless the break seeds toggle was on
  • Fix heroic mission chances. They will now increase in chance the more you decline. Also they now have a 0% chance if you have 0 declines. Do not get discouraged if you find the chance not changing from <1%, it increases very slowly at first and speeds up significantly once you have around 180 declines)
  • Fixed island point notes not properly claiming
  • Alliance wars enrolment period is now 23 hours, with a 1-hour break until fights begin
  • Removed boss efficiency adventure skill
  • Corrected some gem descriptions to be more accurate.
  • Reduced the cost of replanting level 2 from $35m -> $20m.
  • Missions will not clear your streak when you fail with 0 progress, or when you cancel your mission.
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