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[IN-GAME] MidnightSky Official Rules


Staff member
Oct 5, 2023

MidnightSky Rules

Any offense considered excessive or consistent, the server could result in a punishment that is harsher than the punishments mentioned below. Breaking ANY of these rules could result in

Warnings or Temporary Mutes (in-game and/or in Discord)
Permanent Mutes (in-game and/or in Discord)
Temporary Ban (in-game and/or in Discord)
Permanent Ban (in-game and/or in Discord)
Execution of Punishments is up to the Administrators/Devs, Moderators, or Helpers.

Hacked/Cracked Clients, Hacking, or Macros

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Clients
  • Macros
  • Scripts
  • Exploits that present similarly to a client such as setting your attack key to something other than your left mouse button or hardware modifications (such as rapid fire, double clicks, or weighted buttons, etc.)
  • DDos, Dox, the release of personal information including maintaining IP address lists, and databases
  • Swatting
  • Drag Clicking
  • Bots that automate aspects of the game that would be seen as an advantage (Auto Rotation, Auto Placing, AutoFishing, AutoJump, or Commands such as /near)
  • No Auto clicking of any kind will be tolerated
  • Using two or more accounts to do a "task" (such as farming, slaying, mining, fishing, adventuring, LMS, KOTH, etc)
Using clients, macros, programs, etc that modify your gaming experience in a way that would give you an unfair advantage over the rest of the player base (including AFK jumping, setting, having multiple buttons set to left click, clicking more than one mouse, as well double and triple click/rapid fire buttons on your mouse hardware), against other players or staff may result in a ban without warning. This may include DDoSing, DoSing, Doxing (releasing personal information including IPs, maintaining other players' ip addresses, ip address lists, sharing IPs, attempting to use/using someone's full name or the like), threats to DDoS, and/or Swatting (which will result in permanent removal from the server and an IP Ban). Note: Butterfly/Drag clicking, printing on live servers, and editing / deleting logs/history are not permitted and could result in a ban.

Alliances seen teaming with players who break this rule, hackers, repeat offenders, or ip ban evaders run the risk of the same punishment and/or the disbanding of their alliance/banning of alliance members

1st Offense: Warning 1d ban (Depending on the severity)
2nd Offense: 90-day IP ban

(DoX/DDoS/Swatting will result in a perm IP ban) [Depending on the Severity]

No Advertising

Linking, referencing, or naming another server or website that is not affiliated with MidnightSky is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to any suspicious links eg. Screamer links, IP grabbing, and youtube/twitch/Twitter account links (where the content is unrelated to MidnightSky). This is now extended to only allowing the streamer to advertise their stream to help limit the amount of chat spam. Groups should not advertise the same streamer inducing flooding of chat about a specific stream.

1st Offense: Formal Warning
2nd Offense: 1 Week Mute
3rd Offense: Perm Mute
[Punishment will vary depending on the severity. Staff will decide the punishment]

Glitches and Exploits

Using a glitch or exploit within the game to provide for yourself, your gang, or others an advantage will result in a ban from the server, no ifs, ans, or buts. If you have questions about this, feel free to reach out and ask the staff.
Examples, but not limited to:

  • Block Glitching
  • Item Duplication
  • Using Ender pearls to obtain glitch spots on adv as well
First Offense: At the discretion of the Admins/Owners/Developers

Racism, Discrimination, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks

Any remark to make anyone feel unpleasant or unwelcome is not permitted, we include anyone and everyone. That being said, we have a chat filter put in place for a reason. Bypassing the chat filter in any way can also result in punishment. We do not monitor alliance or private messages. You may use the /ignore command in-game to stop seeing the player’s messages altogether.

1st Offense: Formal warning (Up to the discretion of the staff member)
2nd Offense: Up to 1d Temp Mute
3rd Offense: Up to 7d Temp Mute
4th Offense: Season Temp Mute or Perm Mute

Respect Players and Staff

Any attempt to make players or staff feel unwelcome outside of competitive discourse will result in the following punishments.

1st Offense: Formal Warning
2nd Offense: 1-Day Temp Mute
3rd Offense: 7-Day Temp Mute
4th Offense: Up to Staff Discretion

No Sexually Inappropriate Material

Talk about genitalia or sexual acts, is not permitted as this server is Rated E 10+.

1st Offense: Formal Warning
2nd Offense: 6-Hour Temp Mute
3rd Offense: 1-Day Temp Mute
4th Offense: 7-Day Temp Mute
5th Offense: Up to Staff Discretion


Acts to flood the chat, be annoying, or just random text, will result in the following. The server follows a 3 duplicate or similar message rule, where if you do so, you will get a punishment. Then random characters for filler EX: ;alkdsjf oeqiujrpn oqpeujrn. Will also result in punishment.

1st Offense: Formal Warning
2nd Offense: 6-Hour Temp Mute
3rd Offense: 1-Day Temp Mute
4th Offense: 7-Day Temp Mute
5th Offense: Up to Staff Discretion

In-Game Scamming is Not Permitted

Auctions of mislabeled items like glass panes and Baiting. Will not be tolerated. Other forms will be evaluated upon discovery, by staff.

1st Offense: 1-Day Temp mute, and Return of items
2nd Offense: 7-Day Temp mute, and Return of items
3rd Offense: 30-Day Temp Mute, 1-Day Ban, and Return of items.

Selling in-game items / IGN's etc for PayPal or other game items

In Real Life Money Scamming in which someone promises to purchase a server store item in return for favors in-game will result in a Ban. Scamming someone out of IRL Money is a perm ban. Period.

Purchasing ranks for any player other than yourself, for in-game items, or as a gift, is strongly discouraged. Though not bannable, players who agree to this type of transaction are placing themselves at risk. If the player were to charge back, the receiver of the purchase would be responsible for the purchase which could result in your account being permanently banned from the server until the funds are repaid.

Players who initiate a chargeback or make fraudulent claims for purchase assistance will be removed from the server which may include: The account making the purchase Associated accounts to the purchasing account IP Address of the account/s.
Players who trade/offer items/buycraft for different seasons will result in punishment.
Other forms of IRL (In Real Life) Deals are also off limits, if you are caught the following will be enacted.

1st Offense: At the discretion of the Admins/Owners/Developers

No Inappropriate IGNs

If an in-game name is deemed inappropriate by any staff members.

1st Offense: Permanent ban until changed

Mute Evading

Getting muted on your main account and hopping on other accounts will result in increased punishments on the main account along with punishments on the new account.

1st Offense: At the discretion of the Admins/Owners/Developers

Verbal Truces/Allys (Teaming)

Verbal Trucing is the act of selectively not hitting another alliance/player (known as teaming) to dominate the competition. We've set an alliance member limit for a reason, and if seen as "teaming", it may lead to a ban. If this is used for chaotic fighting, the punishment may be more severe. This applies to all areas of the game including Islands, Adventure, Koth, and LMS. In the context of islands, you cannot have members on your island if they are not apart of your alliance.
1st Offense: At the discretion of the Admins/Owners/Developers

Fair Market Value

Deals that are not done at fair market value will be considered scamming. This is another tough rule to enforce, so it will also go case by case, and is up to the Admins to decide.

1st Offense: At the discretion of the Admins/Owners/Developers

Merging Islands

“Merging" is the act of combining resources from 1 or more islands on any island to help further their ranking in /is top. This is a difficult rule to enforce and will need to be done in a case-by-case situation. Talking about merging will be considered serious.

  • Island A (10 Players) and Island B (15 Players) merge into Island A, and Transfer items (Nodes, Spawners, Island Points, and Players) to where Island B goes from Is top #9 to Is top #4+
  • End of the season before calculations, 1 or more islands merge to win the top 10.
  • Island A is “selling” items to Island B for below market value to increase the top 10.

    Admins make the final decision based on the information that is present.
1st Offense: At the discretion of the Admins/Owners/Developers, this Could lead to a disqualification.


The act of insiding can include intentionally taking items without permission, stealing items, purposefully despawning items on the ground, and griefing islands.

1st Offense: At the discretion of the Admins/Owners/Developers

All punishments will carry across seasons (Offences will carry season to season)


  • Mute durations can change depending on the severity and discretion of the staff members.
  • If you have any questions about the rules feel free to ask the staff
  • Loopholes exist and will be taken care of by admins upon discovery of the subjects. Rules (with loopholes that were fixed) will then be enforced during the season.
  • By playing on the MidnightSky server, you agree to follow all rules specified above.
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