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MidnightSky Ascent [v10] Patch Notes


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Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Update Log

Timeline for 4.5 Season
Expanded Island Points Acquisition
Infernal Tormenter

Timeline for 4.5 Season

  • Island Top Value Calculation
    • Saturday 11:59 PM CST || September 30th 2023
  • EOTW [End Of The World]:
    • Monday 11:59 PM CST || October 2nd 2023
    • [There's a chance we leave the server up]
  • MidnightSky v5.0 [???]
    • ???
NOTE: All dates will be posted in #announcements with discord auto-time.

Expanded Island Points Acquisition
Introduction to Expanded Island Points Acquisition:

  • We've seen how static /is top has been during the season, so this is the time for our fierce competitors who want a chance at that juicy /is top brag rights, or the payouts!
New Methods of Obtaining Island Points
  • BAH
    • BAH will now have "Random Island Point" notes, that could vary from a minimum of 25 island pts, and a maximum of 500 island pts.
  • Mythic Chests
    • Mythic Chests will have a chance of dropping island points.
    • Due to the chest kill differences, we will make diamond have the most island points, and chain with the least.
    • Chain: 25, Iron 50, Diamond 100
  • Heroic Chests
    • Heroic Chests will have an island point note as an addition of the Heroic Cache. [Total 3 Items now when getting a heroic chest]
    • Same thing with Mythic chests, chain will have the least, diamond will have the most.
    • Chain: 350, Iron: 500, Diamond: 750
  • Infernal Tormenter:
    • Has a chance of dropping island points (Read more about informal tormenters in the section below)
Infernal Tormenter
Introduction to the Infernal Tormenter:

  • The Infernal Tormenters are imbued with curses These mobs are not meant to be messed around with. However, if you choose to fight this accursed mob, you will reap amazing loot!
  • You can find Infernal Tormenters ONLYin the forsaken underworld
    • Each Infernal Torment spawn has its own shrine, it should be quite easy to spot where to fight the Infernal tormenter.
  • These mobs will be extremely difficult to fight, and we recommend bringing 1-3 people when fighting this mob
Loot Drops:
  • The Infernal Tormenter drops loot such as:
    • Rank (V)
    • Arken Fragments/Key
    • Flash Step Ingredient
    • Mythic Shards
    • Heroic Shard
    • Heroic Skins
    • Random Skins
    • Island Points
    • Boss Gems
    • Cocoa Recipe Fragments/Cocoa Recipe
    • And much more
NOTE: If you find any glitch spot with this mob please let us know. If you are found abusing a glitch spot, you will be punished.

Bugs/QoL/Misc Changes
  • Fixed an issue with Heroic Chests not showing correct items [Diamond Only]
  • /bah now has higher increments for purchasing items
  • Fixed an issue with the heroic/mythic chest toggle not working as intended
  • Added items into BAH
    • Random Island Points
    • 4x Arken Fragments
    • Random Power Blocks <X-XXII>
  • Buffed Arken Fragments Chance.
  • Fixed an issue with Obsidian Mastery
  • Fixed the Gold Gem and Gold Engram distributions (In relation to Farming and Fishing sets)
  • Added a bah BID notification toggle in /toggle
  • Removed Endermites from /kit [Highest Spawner Mob will be ghasts]
Hello There!
  • Thanks for reading the patch notes all the way to here!
  • We just wanted to let you know that when the season ends, we will be doing a huge sneak peek of our 5.0 season. Make sure to let your friends know :). To see our future sneak peek, please make sure to look at #sneak-peeks in our /discord (discord.gg/midnightsky).
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