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MidnightSky Ascent [v8] Patch Notes


Staff member
Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Update Log

$100 Bundle + Lootbox: Heroic
New Skins + Heroic Skins
Heroic Chests

Lootbox: Heroic + 55% Sale

We are doing a whopping 55% sale on our store, you can get loot boxes, trails, and much more at (https://midnightsky.net)! (Will be available upon release)

New Skins + Heroic Skins
Introduction to New Skins:

  • New Normal Skins
    • Bug Out Backpack
      • +4.5% Island XP
    • Party Blade
      • +1 AP per kill
    • Moon Boots
      • 2.5% Chance of getting a higher-tier chest
  • Heroic Skins
    • Rainbow Slides
      • Gain +15% Island XP
      • Shatter IV
      • Node Finder IV
    • Flaming Halo
      • Gain +30% Island XP
      • +25% chance to obtain farming bundles
      • Gem Finder VI
    • Corpse Grinder
      • 20% Chance of getting +25% mend for 5 seconds
      • 2x AP Per Kill
      • +5% Outgoing DMG to Bosses
    • Chad Sunglasses
      • Deal 55% more DMG to Adventure Mobs
      • 5% chance to get 2x Adventure XP
    • Designer Belt
      • Deal 17.5% Outgoing DMG to Adventure MObs
      • 15% Chance to negate pet leashes
      • -5s Chaotic TP Timer
      • -1 kill to spawn a chest
    • Staff Pass
      • 1.5x AP Per Kill
      • +1 AP Per Kill
      • +5% Movement Speed
Heroic Chests
Introduction to Heroic Chests:

  • Heroic chests are a new type of chest that have better loot than Mythic Chests
    • To spawn a Heroic chest you will need to be adventure level 95
    • You will be GUARANTEED to get at least 1 heroic skin.
    • Heroic chests will be EXTREMELY rare, it may take days of grinding to obtain 1 chest
    • We recommend killing T5 mobs (ap 8 mobs) to obtain mythics.
    • Chaotic will have a *slight* buff in obtaining heroic chests.
      • This is to make heroic more widely available, regardless if you PvP or not
Bugs/QoL/Misc Changes
  • Fixed an issue with captchas causing server lag
  • Bundle Bot enhancements will work as intentional
  • Adding many new T5 spots in Ancient Savannah and Bandit Grasslands
  • Lawful Adventures now have a higher chance to spawn higher tier chests (Mythics & Heroic inclusive)
  • Level 93 will be capped for levelcap until next week, diamond will be delayed until next week