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MidnightSky Ascent [v9] Patch Notes


Staff member
Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Update Log

$100 Bundle + Lootbox: FE!ND + $250 Bundle
Farming and Fishing Sets
Alt Whitelist System
Hoe Skins
Forsaken Underworld Unlocked

Lootbox: FE!ND+ 55% Sale + $250 Bundle + $100 Bundle

We are doing a whopping 55% sale on our store, You can get loot boxes, trails, and much more at (https://midnightsky.net)! (Will be at 1 PM CST), sale will end on Thursday, September 15th at 1 PM CST.

Farming and Fishing Sets
Introduction to Farming and Fishing Sets:

  • Have you ever wanted to get more XP? Maybe some more money from farming and fishing? Well now, the time is here!
  • Farming and Fishing sets will be obtained by doing their respective actions (Fishing and Farming... obviously).
  • You will obtain crafting recipes from doing said actions, and you can craft a set over time.
  • There will be "Levels" to this set. From Trainee --> Professional --> Expert --> MASTER. The master set will provide the best buffs.
  • Farming and Fishing sets will be GOLD, and we've added a new engram tier type for GOLD. You can obtain these engrams by farming/fishing. (They are incredibly rare).
Island Whitelist System
Introduction to Island Whitelist System:

  • If you'd like to see all the players that are whitelisted to your island, run /is whitelist
  • To add someone to the island whitelist, run /is whitelist add <username>
  • To remove someone from the island whitelist, run /is whitelist remove <username>
  • The whitelist will be a way to let you selectively choose alts/players to bring onto your island which will have the /is go and /home perms.
Hoe Skins
Introduction to Hoe Skins:

It's that time! Hoe's will now have new skins, Here's the new skins we're introducing!
  • Harvest Moon
    • +2.5% Island XP
    • Reap V
  • Sprout Slicer
    • 35% Chance to get double drops for:
    • Pumpkin
    • Melon
    • Cocoa
Forsaken Underworld Unlocked!
Players can now unlock the forsaken adventure! Apply a map, and run /adventure. (You can obtain Forsaken Underworld Fragments from Ancient Savannah)

Bugs/QoL/Misc Changes
  • Melon XP 472.5 --> 601.25
  • Pumpkin XP 640.5 --> 680.5
  • Added a /toggle to turn off Insta break on Heroic and Mythic chests
  • Added a /bah notification toggle
  • Added a QA tag in-game to represent our QA members. [This replaces BETA tag]
  • Fixed an issue where Reap worked on bundles
  • Added the ability to make multiple homes (/sethome & /del home)
  • Fixed an issue with shift-clicking /trade
  • When a chest is upgraded (moon bots or /adv skills) it'll show in chat (if your verbose toggle is on)