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Patch Notes [v1] MidnightSky: STABILIZE


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Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Update Log [RELEASE DATE | May 17th | 12 PM CST]
Lootbox: Stabilize + 50% Sale + Gift Card Bundle
Q&A Session
Alliance Wars
Heroic Island Missions
Fast Place
Bundle Rebalance + Mining & Fishing Bundles
Island Warp Additions
Island Changes
Blacksmith Addition: Transfer
Stat Reroll Corruption
New Gems
QoL/Bug Patches/Changes

Lootbox: Stabilize + 50% Sale + Gift Card Bundle
In honor of our new release, we will be doing a 50% sale on release! This sale will start on May 17th at 12:00 PM CST and end on Wednesday, May 22nd, at 12:00 PM CST.

Q&A Session
During this Q&A Session, we'll be answering most questions and may change things players suggest/want.

Time: Thursday 16th, 11 AM EST

Alliance Wars
We heard a lot of people say they're the better alliance when it comes to PvP... we want to put that theory to the test!

Introduction to Alliance Wars:
  • Alliance Wars is a bracketed PvP tournament where alliances fight other alliances (Alliance Vs Alliance Style).
  • Every Friday at 12 PM CST you can enroll in the alliance war, and a fight will begin 24 hours after (Saturday 12 PM CST)
  • There are 3 different alliance war arenas
How to Enroll in an Alliance War:
  • You can enroll in an Alliance War by running /a war enroll [Officer+]
  • You can view the enrolled alliances by running /a war enrolled
Alliance War Environment:
  • When you enter an alliance war, you will have 1 minute to decide how many fighters you'd like to participate in a war.
    • The fighter amount will be decided by the intersection of the two voted values.
    • (EX: if Alliance A votes 7 fighters, and Alliance B votes 15 fighters, there will be 7 fighters on each team)
  • After the number has been decided, you will have 1 minute to decide WHO is fighting
    • To decide this, you right-click the book in your hand and click "enroll" on the top middle of the GUI.
    • To unenroll in the fight, simply click the same button you did to enroll.
  • After the 1 minute of deciding is up, your fighter will be put in the arena to fight and have 10 seconds to prepare their positions to fight
    • Everyone else will become spectators and may watch the fight
  • Alliance War fights last around 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, there may be modifiers to help speed up the process such as:
    • Random TNT spawning
    • 2x Damage
    • 3x Damage
Additional Details:
  • You can spectate alliances fighting by running /a war fights!
  • The top 4 teams that make it to the final bracket will be rewarded.

Deadzone will have the most difficult mobs that can be fought. Be well prepared before entering this area!

Introduction to Deadzone:
  • Deadzone is almost like a 4th adventure, however, the dynamic is much different and is more PvP + Group orientated
  • Deadzone will provide players with a new tier called "netherite". Deadzone will unlock 1 week after Forsaken Underworld Adventure is released.
Deadzone Information:
  • To enter the Deadzone, you will need the /is upgrade unlocked to place the Deadzone Portal.
  • You can obtain Deadzone portals via Forsaken Underworld Adventure and in the Deadzone
  • Deadzone portals will despawn exactly 24 hours after you've placed them.
  • A deadzone world will be refreshing every day at 12 PM CST
Deadzone Environment:
  • You will randomly spawn somewhere in the deadzone when you go through the portal
  • Every block you break will take 10 seconds to respawn (unless you have nether breaker)
  • There will be two types of structures, "Castles" and "Huts".
  • There will be around 4-6 huts and 2 Castles per deadzone.
  • The Deadzone is fully Neutral
Deadzone Castle:
  • Deadzone Castles will have the toughest mobs available.
  • You will need to kill 200 of these mobs to spawn in "a maze"
  • In this maze, you will have a limited amount of time to find the chest
  • There will be powerups and debuffs in this maze you will see on your way.
    • Maze Swap (Changes the maze)
    • Speed
    • Slowness
    • Invisible walls (to view the chest)
    • etc
  • When you've located the chest, you may loot it, and everyone will spawn at the top of the castle after the chest is looted
ccstle (1).png
More information will be available when deadzone comes out as we are expecting to add changes and tweaks to it.

A mutant-like building has landed in the adventures, I wonder what they could contain?

Introduction to Encampments:
  • Encampments will be a new way of getting higher-tier chests
  • There will be 3 tiers of encampments per adventure, I --> III
  • Encampments will have static locations around the adventure.
Encampment Details:
  • To begin an encampment fight, you will need an "Encampment Key"
  • These keys are obtainable via adventure chests (Elite -> Legendary)
  • Once the encampment fight begins, there will be waves of mobs that spawn that you must kill within a certain time slot.
Encampment Chest Information:
  • Tier
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
  • Tier [II]
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Mythic
  • Tier [III]
    • Legendary
    • Mythic
    • Heroic
Heroic Island Missions
Islanders need some love, and some heroic skins... thankfully we got you covered!
Introduction to Heroic Island Missions:
  • All island missions will now contain [Easy, Medium, Hard, Heroic] difficulties.
  • Heroic island missions can only be obtained when you have a Tier 10 Mastery
  • These missions give you ingredients to craft a Heroic Island Parcel
  • With this addition, we've moved all island heroic skins to the heroic island parcel and separated it from the adventure heroic skins.

Fast Place
We heard your cries about building farms! Thankfully, building will be a lot easier!

Introduction to Fast Place:
    • Fast Place is a new way to quickly build anything on your island (mostly farms!)
    • Fast Place will place blocks in whatever direction you place the block, and will follow a "guide".
    • A guide is any block that is 1-2 blocks away in each direction (N, E, S, W).
    • If there is no "guide", then it'll place 5 blocks in whatever block direction you place.
    • imgur.com/Ptcs1Zr

Bundle Rebalance + Fishing & Mining Bundles
Bundles needed some more love, so we've decided to change some things related to bundles!

Introduction to Bundle Overhaul

    • Bundles got completely rebalanced with different loot and different drop rates
    • This is to make bundles feel more consistent and give consistent loot to islanders

Introduction to Fishing and Mining Bundles
    • We've added Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 fishing and mining bundles which are obtained... through mining and fishing.
Island Warps Changes
Ever wanted your warp to make a difference? Now you can!

Introduction to Island Warps:

    • You can now view all island warps via /is warps
    • You can type [warp] in chat to make a clickable warp in chat
    • You can rate a /is warp via running /is warp, shift-click the warp, and then rate the warp 1-5 stars.
    • /is warps will be listed by the highest rating, so make sure your warps are in tip-top shape!
Island Changes
Some balancing changes to islands!


    • Power per island level was rebalanced to reduce heavy automation in the early stages of the game.
    • Node respawn time has been increased.
    • Some values for island XP were changed to make islands more balanced.
Blacksmith Addition: Transfer
Ever wanted to immediately place a max gem or socket on your armor? well, fear no more!

Introduction to Transfer:

    • You can now transfer sockets, gems, and engrams from piece to piece
    • You can only transfer the SAME Material (Chain Chestplate to Chain Chestplate) over.
    • This will cost essence for things you'd like to transfer, and you're not allowed to select specific data to transfer.
    • Max Gems and higher-tier sockets will cost a lot more than nonmax gems and lower-tier sockets to transfer.
    • Drop Rates for max gems, gems, and sockets have been adjusted to compensate for this change.
Stat Reroll Corruption
Sometimes we gotta chill out on those stat rerolls

Introduction to Stat Reroll Corruption:

    • You can now only reroll armor and weapons 3 times before it becomes "Reroll Corrupted"
    • Drop Rates for stat rerolls and armor have been adjusted to compensate for this change.
New Gems
New is good!

Introduction to New Gems:

    • Quicksand (Uncommon)

      • Bow Enchant
      • Max Level 4
      • Chance to give your opponent slowness
    • Dimensional Slash (Uncommon)

      • Sword Enchant
      • Max Level 5
      • Chance to teleport behind your target on hit
    • Repel (Elite)

      • Armor Enchant
      • Max Level 5
      • Chance when an attacker hits you, you knock them back
    • Vortex (Elite)

      • Axe Enchant
      • Max Level 3
      • Chance to pull enemies on hit
    • Nether Breaker (Ultimate)

      • Pickaxe Enchant
      • Max Level 3
      • Increases the amount of time it takes for a block from the nether to respawn.

We've finally made TAB useful!

Introduction to TAB:
    • Previously when you held TAB, you could only view the player's names, but now we've changed this to display statistics on your player and the server
    • You can hold TAB to view all the stats that your play has (health, fortification, damage, etc) and you can view island statistics.
    • You can also view your alliance members
    • We have plans to make more use of TAB, if you have suggestions and like to see things added to TAB, feel free to make a #suggestion in our discord.
QoL/Bug Patches/Changes

    • Fixed an issue where island expansion portals were randomly disappearing
    • /ignore now works as intentional.
    • Fixed an issue where Piglins & Zombies spawned jockeys on islands
    • Fixed an issue with island mission rerolls.
    • You can now [item] and [brag] in /msg
    • You can now access /is missions via /missions
    • /top will maintain ranking depending on who got there first.

      • EX: If PlayerA got to level 100 first in Bandit Grasslands first, they would be at #1 in /top for the rest of the season.
    • If you disconnect from a boss fight, you will have a chance to /reconnect into the fight.
    • Reduced Contest times from 30m --> 15m
    • Repair Scrolls are now Tiered (Chain, Iron, Diamond, Netherite)
    • You can now select who can obtain specific /alliance upgrades.
    • Slots have been made more difficult to obtain, and slot loot has been improved.
    • Farming & Fishing missions were rebalanced.
    • Rebalanced some armor sets to make them more viable
    • Nerfed Gem Finder
    • Nerfed XP Discovery
    • Buffed Node Finder
    • Nerfed Lifesteal
    • Updated /help with more information
    • Buffed the amount of potions you obtain via adventure
    • You will now take more durability in PvP fights
    • Power Generator items in /is power will now be available as intended
    • /is top calculations were changed to be more balanced
    • Bot heat was removed
    • Bosses and their abilities will now work as intended.
    • Suppressed Mask Shards have been buffed
    • Added a view for next /levelcap
    • Refund pearl if teleport was blocked
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