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Patch Notes [v3] MidnightSky: APEX


Staff member
Oct 5, 2023
MidnightSky Update Log
55% Sale
Island Bot Heat Changes
Chaotic Adventure Changes
Island Point Notes Changes
QoL/Bug Patches/Changes

55% Sale
We will do a 55% sale! This sale will start Feb 19th PM and will end on Wednesday, Feb 21st, at midnight CST.

Island Bot Heat Changes
We're doing some quick basic changes for island bot heat to make them more bearable. We will be looking into different ways to make them better for the future.

  • Bots will now take noticeably longer to heat up to 50 heat
  • Utility Bots (Crafters, Bundles, Smelters) will take much longer to heat up than skill bots.
  • When a bot crashes, it will automatically turn off and cool down. After it reaches 0 heat, the bot will re-enable.

Chaotic/PvP Changes
We saw the millions of suggestions, time to implement them!

Changes to Chaotic/PvP:
  • Chaotic adventures will now be **NEUTRAL**
  • Added pet leashes to /apshop for 20k
  • Buffed the chances of getting heroics in chaotic (neutral now) areas

Island Point Notes Changes
Island point notes needed some tweaking, here's what we're doing!

  • Island point Notes will now be Player Bound
  • Island points can only be claimed by the "generator" of the island point. (i.e if the island point was generated in a chest by PlayerA, only PlayerA can claim the island point)
  • Island points can only be claimed on the islands that the island point note owner is a part of.
  • You can no longer auction island points

QoL/Bug Patches/Changes
  • Fixed an issue with heroics not giving island points in their bundles
  • Fixed an issue where missions gave invalid island point notes
  • Fixed an issue where island points were co-leader only
  • Future island point notes will have player names indicating who owns it.
  • Fixed an issue where torch flowers were not being harvested by farming bots
  • Added Loot Radar Verbose (Will show as "Extra Chest Loot!" in chat)
  • Added a /toggle for essence being shown in chat
  • Fixed bodyguards for bosses not working as intended
  • Fixed the Pheonix boss ability
  • Removed the /xpfix cmd
  • You will no longer need to run /adv essence <TIER>, you can run /adv essence and it will display all your essence.
  • Added "Island Mission Rerolls" to farming and slaying bundles.
  • Decreased health from 15% to 7.5% for chaotic mobs
  • Fixed some issues with /shop giving incorrect blocks
  • Buffed the amount of steel power adapters you get from adventure
  • Dires will now work as intentional.